Zurbaran Athens

An all-day bar restaurant, that echoes the opulence of urban Athens, a touch of industrial modernity and a festive spirit. A hidden gem, located in the most exclusive area of central Athens, Kolonaki.
Masterfully designed by the renowned architect duo of Kokkinou + Kourkoulas, the interior space blends marble and sheet iron with concrete and street art.

The dishes are genuinely inspired, incorporating influences from all around the world, and exude the limitless creativity of the chef. The cuisine straddles both traditional and modern flavours, always enriched with healthy elements.

A place that promises to stimulate all your senses with delectable tastes, creative cocktails and an exquisite wine collection.

The perfect mix of urbanity and contemporaneity, of dining and entertainment, that’s ZURBARAN!

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Venue Details
Working Hours
  • Weekdays
    12:00 μ.μ. - 3:00 π.μ
  • Saturday
    12:00 μ.μ. - 3:00 π.μ
  • Sunday
    12:00 μ.μ. - 3:00 π.μ
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